New Year, New You - join us for the revolutionary Soccercise. 

Soccercise is a new initiative aimed specifically at Women and Girls aged 14 to 24. It is a fun with a maximum of 45 minute-long exercise class that combines basic football moves and exercise to music. Every session is modified according to your ability and fitness levels.


Who is it for?

Soccercise is for all levels of fitness and abilities- you don’t need to be a footballer! It’s great for anyone looking to try something different other than an average circuit class!

What is it?

Inspired by some of the best cardio exercises in football training and mixed up with a lively soundtrack, Soccercise includes very simple football and aerobic moves.

Why should I?

Soccercise uses football drills to improve co-ordination, balance and strength and get a full body work out-with a ball, all whilst burning calories and helping you to keep in shape.

What do they say: 

“I wanted to try something different and saw Soccercise advertised so thought I’d give it a go! I've never played football for a team but I brought some friends with me and we loved it. We wanted a fun fitness class where we can enjoy ourselves as well as get fit so this is perfect!”

We are currently offering FREE Soccercise classes for students every Thursday 12pm-1pm at the University of Leeds, Cromer Terrace Building. 

If you are interested, simply contact Ellen Cook at the Foundation on 07926 298732 or email us for more details.

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